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For the third consecutive year of implementation of the program in our country, we proceeded in 2017 with the announcement of agreements with the most important ginners in Greece, such as “Thrakika Ekkokistiria S.A.” in Komotini, “AFOI Karagiorgou S.A.” in Stavros Farsala, “Violar S.A.” in Larisa,“Union - Agricultural Cooperative Trikala (ACT)” in Trikala and "K.B.MARKOU AVEE" in Klokoto Trikala.

A few words for our partners...

    It was founded in 1972 in Komotini and for many years it was the only ginner in Eastern Macedonia and Thrace. With particular emphasis on product quality and customer service, it was established very soon in the textile industry and gained reputation of a reliable and consistent supplier both in Greece and internationally.
    Karagiorgou SA was founded in 1951 and its main occupation is cotton ginning, the production of cotton-seed oil and cotton pie. The company is within the largest companies of the market. The product activities of the company embrace industrial units all over the main cultivating land of cotton in Greece.
  • “VIOLAR S.A.”
    One of the oldest and largest cotton ginners and merchants in Greece. With years of experience in cotton ginning and cereals and in providing integrated reliable service, it acquired a unique position among other suppliers of global cotton industry and cereals.
  • “Union - Agricultural Cooperative Trikala (ACT)”
    With a history of 90 years of the “Union - Agricultural Cooperative Trikala” is a powerful force into the institution of agricultural cooperatives. The ACT Trikala offers a wide range of activities, the primary of which is the cotton ginning and remains continuously active since 1970. With trust relationships for both the manufacturers and the suppliers of the global industry, ACT Trikala pioneers in supporting the quality of the cotton. Alongside the cotton ginning, ACT is active in dairy products with the TRIKI name and vinegar with the name Meteora.